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Founder Members Of NSF India

Mahanat Amar Natha Ji Maharaj, Acharya Pankaj Sharma Pankaj, , Advocate Kuldeepak Mehta, Jaspal Singh Majitha, Ajay Pal Singh Taran Tarni, Subash Rana, Baljinder Singh Bind, Harinder Singh,Maqubal Singh Ghuman, Jatin Mohan Seth, Rajbeer Sing Rajwinder , Satwinder Singh Judge, Advocate Gagan Bhatia  



          NSF  is a Revolutionary Nationalist  Redical Students organization. NSF is January established in 1990  at Amritsar city  the state in Punjab in India .The nationalist  revolutionary ideology based students belonged to different students organizations like  AISSF,NSUI,SFI AND PSU adopted new nationalist people revolutionary line for the  national people revolution in India and these revolutionary students believe to establish united Greater India . At the time of establishment  revolutionary students decides the name banner of Organization  as National Students Federation (NSF) India.  NSF believes in Nationalist  People Democratic Revolution in India .  WE supports all revolutionary for Nationalist  People Revolution In great  India.  WE think India is a people state and one day  political power of India will be in the hands of nationalist  revolutionary peoples of India .  LETS JOIN hands for Nationalist Peoples Revolution In India . We call  ALL  Nationalist  REVOLUTIONARY   FORCES TO JOIN HANDS TO ESTABLISH GREATER  INDIA.  LETS start discussion for Nationalist  Peoples Revolution In India. LETS FIGHT for the Indian unity and  save the Indian Nationalist Revolutionary history of Revolutionary peoples. WE ARE committed to save the  nationalist revolutionary history of great  Indian Revolutionaries like   GURU NANAK, GURUGOBIND SINGH, BABA BANDA BAHADUR, RANI JANSHI, SHIVA JI MARHATTA, SAHEED BHAGAT SINGH, CHANDER SEKHAR AZZAD,  MADAN LAL DINGERA, LALA LAJ PAT RAI, LALA HARDIAL AND NEJAJI SUBASH CHARDER BOSH  AND OTHERS. ANY person who accept Hindustan as his /her mother land can be the member of NSF India . Interested can join NSF On line also .
    Students are a dynamic part of every society that reacts to every in-justice and exploitation in the society.Looking at this vital note of students, different political parties have formed their student wing so that they can use students as a fuel for achieving their own agenda. This way, they want that students should get away from the path of actual struggle for "students rights and public right" and that students may become a part. WE CALLED THE STUDENTS TO UNITE AND TOOK ACTIVE PARTICIPATION IN POLITICAL SYSTEM TO BUILD GOLDEN  INDIA WITH REVOLUTIONARY  HISTORY OF STRUGGLE OF  INDIAN  REVOLUTIONARY NATIONALIST FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

    Visit Us -  www.nsfindia.yolasite.com


    E-mail :-   nsfindia2@gmail.com



        NSF have its    SAFRON COLORED FLAG  and a  SUN in the center of  FLAG.NSF is also written on left side of the  FLAG  


        NSF -  LONG LIVE 



                              JASPAL SINGH GILL MAJITHA             Acharya  PANKAJ SHARMA PANKAJ

                               1990- 1994                                                       1990-1994

                           AJAYPAL SINGH TARANTARNI                          HARJINDER SINGH

                             1994-1996                                                         1994-1996

                       VISHAL PARBHAKAR                                             HARVINDER SINGH

                      1996-2000                                                                 1996-2000

                         Acharya  PANKAJ SHAR5MA PANKAJ                        JATIN MOHAN SETH

                               2000-2006                                                          2000-2006

                        BALJINDER SINGH BIND                                RAJBINDER SINFG RAJBEER 

                              2006- CONTINUE                                         2006- Feb 2014 

                     Rajbinder Singh Rajbeer                                    Rajwinder Raja 

                         Feb 2014(0fficiating)                                    Feb 2014 comtinue 

                          to    Sept 2015    

                           Gagan Bhatia Advocate                             Rajwinder Raja                

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